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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Artpark Los Angeles

The Downtown Artpark was absolutely fabulous. The people were great, the night was perfect: bands, Dj's, food, smiles, what more could you ask for?

Did I mention food, the food was excellent!

I can't wait until the next event. If you have never been to the Downtown Los Angeles Artpark, I highly recommend it. Be prepared to walk alot and be ready to have a wonderful time.

I really wanted to take more photos but once the crowd hit, it was all over for the camera. Here are the only photos I got to take-- just as the event opened and people were starting to arrive.

The entrance to Artpark, which is held inside a gated parking lot.

The neighborhood

New Food truck

As night fell, the crowd came pouring in, this shot is a bit blurry but I tried to get at least one crowd shot. Had to do it quickly my booth was packed!